The year is 2016. M81 is not a studio yet: we’re just the two students of the Lviv Art Academy, living in a tiny dormitory room. We play board games and try to find a balance between work and study. By day, we paint new cards for the Mysterium board game; by night, we struggle to complete our student tasks. Our room #809 was both our home and our office at the same time. 
2017. Spieltage, Essen, Germany. We’re at a board game convention that changed everything. We realize we’re in love with board games. We see lots of people sharing that love, and we finally decide to become a part of the industry. 
Hi, 2021! Now, M81 has 12 artists and designers on board and 5 years of experience behind our backs. We create cover illustrations, character designs, tokens, maps, icons, and promo materials for board games. And we can do that for your game, too.
We help create board games because we love playing them with our families and friends.
Among the favorite projects we had worked on are SYNC, Detective Club, and Shadows: Amsterdam.
Let’s make a beautiful game together!