Як працює М81?

What to write about?

Try starting with something like: ”Hi! I’m making a game and I need this and that for it…” We’ll take it from there

What’s next?

The next step is to figure out the scope, the required quality, and the time frame within which you need the project done. Based on this info, we will prepare a detailed project estimation. Then, we will send you the quotation with the price of our services and the estimated deadline.

How you track our progress?

Before you start, we send you a detailed roadmap presenting you with milestones, dates, the communication agenda, the cost of additional work (should it be needed), and the art lead assigned to guide the project towards completion.

At least twice a week we prepare a project update and discuss the progress with you by voice or email. 

And, of course, we’re always there to answer any of your questions at any time.

How does the work on a project go?

To make everything go as you intend it to, we work in stages. Usually, a piece of work goes through two general iterations: 1) a sketch + colorwork; 2) a fully rendered artwork.

Schematically, the workflow looks like this: Update – Discuss – Update – Discuss …and repeat until things are done.

However, we’re open to any iterative approach you’d prefer.

What about security?

We use an internal server that safely and privately stores all versions of project files. Therefore, even a year after the end of the project, you’ll be able to request any of your files from us. We store project files in our archive for 3 years, after which they get deleted.

For security and convenience, all documents, bills, and invoices are sent and received only by mail at i@m81studio.com.

If you order a cover design from us, we make a 4K visualization of the box free of charge with our “My Box Is Real” service. You can immediately upload your game to BGG, online stores, and social networks without waiting for the physical copies.

TL;DR: Here’s our deal for you

  • Honest and easy communication. We will not confuse you by the phrases like “referring to the above … in order to improve the quality of service … the director has drawn your attention… etc.” We’re a young creative team, and it’s important to us to speak the same language as you are.
  • Tight project management. We outline a detailed roadmap and involve you in each iteration. You’ll never feel out of the loop. 
  • Security. We store your files on an internal server accessible only to the studio. Your visual content will not be stolen, copied, or distributed for advertising c.
  • The delivery. We make things just like you imagine them.

Write to us. We just can’t wait to get to know you!

See you on the other side of the galaxy :rocket: